Upcoming events are already in gear and coming up fast in Hermosa Beach!

Prank Monkey ProductionsTuesday night Co-Ed Volleyball on the Beach League in Hermosa Beach starts on Tuesday, July 19th, 2016!
Prank Monkey ProductionsThursday night Co-Ed Flag Football on the Beach League in Hermosa Beach starts on Thursday, July 21st, 2016!
Prank Monkey ProductionsSMACKFEST Co-Ed Volleyball on the Beach Tournament on Saturday, July 23rd, 2016!
Prank Monkey ProductionsTEAM THRILL Co-Ed Fitness Olympics in Manhattan Beach on Saturday, August 13th, 2016!

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Prank Monkey Productions     WE'RE BACK FOR 2016 WITH FOOTBALL, VOLLEYBALL, BOWLING & MORE!   Prank Monkey Productions
Prank Monkey Productions
We are back on the beaches of South Bay for Co-Ed sports, fitness action and fun! We start off the year with the huge Sunday afternoon Co-Ed Flag Football League in Hermosa Beach, then add weeknights with Co-Ed Volleball on Tuesdays in Hermosa Beach starting in March, and Thursday night Football starting in April along with Wednesday night Kickball in Hermosa Beach! Co-Ed Bowling league will return in 2016 at a new location, so keep your fingers crossed!!

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Prank Monkey Productions     So What is... PRANK MONKEY?   Prank Monkey Productions
Prank Monkey Productions
An Organization for Adults...

Prank Monkey comes to you here in the South Bay community under the wings of the City of Hermosa Beach. We use their beaches and fields and gyms to play Co-Ed, Women's, and Men's sports. We partner with Smackfest Events, Baja Sharkeez, Bud Light, PubClub.com, Bay Clubs and Red Bull where we aim at offering a social, fun, and competitve atmosphere for adults.

Prank Monkey Productions Prank Monkey Productions

Prank Monkey Productions

Prank Monkey not only provides tournaments and leagues, but also events for the social atmosphere with our post-league and even parties at our sponsored locations in Baja Sharkeez in Hermosa Beach, along with special events surrounding the local area! Everything from Birthday parties, chairty functions and general local news.

Prank Monkey Productions

Prank Monkey Productions Prank Monkey also is a part of the South Bay Community. Members post listings for rentals, personal events, special announcements and more. Not only that, but P.M. is a supporter of the Department of Children and Family Services, serving foster, under-privileged and at-risk youth by donating 10% of all net proceeds from the tournaments thanks to all of you!

Prank Monkey Productions

Prank Monkey Productions was founded by Dave Beeman back in 2001. For more details, Click Here...
Prank Monkey Productions
Prank Monkey Productions     The Party's at Sharkeez...   Prank Monkey Productions
Prank Monkey Productions
After every Prank Monkey event...

Prank Monkey Productions Join the whole crew at Baja Sharkeez in Hermosa Beach! Whether you're a Prank Monkey football player, volleyball player, basketball player, softball player or just a friendly spectator, you can join all your friends with us at Baja Sharkeez right around the corner from our beach playing field! Every guest is given a wrist band for VIP entry and discounts that include 20% off anything and everything on their menu!

Prank Monkey Productions

BUD LIGHT... the Prank Monkey Beer!

Prank Monkey Productions At Baja Sharkeez, Panama Joe's and Lucky Strike, we get VIP seating and priority entrance! If that's not enough, we've teamed up with our beer friends over at Budweiser where all Prank Monkey guests will enjoy discounted pitchers of Budweiser or Bud Light, and discounted drafts of Budweiser and Bud Light!

Prank Monkey Productions

Fireball, Sky Vodka, Deep Eddy Vodka, Cazadores & Red Bull... the Prank Monkey Flavors!

At Baja Sharkeez we have food, seating, entry, and that's not all... because the flavor of choice is Sky Vodka, Cazadores Tequila, Red Bull and Fireball for all Prank Monkey guests! You get tons of featured specials with your wrist band! That includes any flavor of sponsored liquors in your cocktail with your favorite mixer!

Prank Monkey Productions

Want to share a sponsorship opportunity with Prank Monkey? All you have to do is contact us!

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